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Modern Dental Group Limited (現代牙科集團有限公司) (“Modern Dental”) is a leading global dental prosthetic device provider with a focus on providing custom-made prostheses to customers in the growing prosthetics industry. Our product portfolio is broadly categorized into three product lines: fixed prosthetic devices, such as crowns and bridges; removable prosthetic devices, such as removable dentures; and other devices, such as orthodontic devices, sports guards and anti-snoring devices. Our success in this industry is rooted in our global proprietary sales and distribution network which we established through a series of strategic acquisitions of our former distributors. Our sales and distribution network provides us with direct access to customers, including dentists, dental clinics, hospitals, distributors and other customers, in key prosthetics markets around the globe, allowing us to promote our products in a targeted manner and better satisfy the needs and preferences of our diverse global customer base. We have 21 points of sale in China and 50 service centers overseas. For the six-month ended 31 December, 2020, we had a customer base of over 23,000 customer accounts.

Modern Dental has a global portfolio of respected brands, including Labocast, Permadental and Elysee in Western Europe, Yangzhijing in China, Modern Dental in Hong Kong, Modern Dental USA in the United States, and Southern Cross Dental in Australia. We have grown these brands by providing premium and consistent quality products and superior customer service.

Modern Dental is included in MSCI Hong Kong Small Cap Index with effect from the closing time of Hong Kong stock market on 31 May 2016.