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Thank you for visiting the website of Modern Dental Group.

Over the past three decades, we have seen our operations evolve from a sole proprietorship established in Hong Kong to a leading global dental prosthetic device provider. We have been continuously refining our focus on upgrading our brand and market position, as well as on product innovation and development. The Group has also been strategically locating production facilities with advanced technologies, stringent quality control and qualified technicians, as well as establishing a proprietary global sales and distribution network which affords us with direct access to customers to build deep-rooted relationships and brand recognition in key prosthetics markets.

Modern Dental Group highly values open and effective communications with our customers. As a result of having direct relationships with the primary customers for our products, we are able to achieve better control over our pricing and an improved awareness of both the market for our products and evolving customer preferences.

We also welcome the engagement of all shareholders to promote greater transparency of our operations and corporate governance. With Modern Dental Group's devoted and resourceful workforce, we believe that our strategy will continue to deliver sustainable value and returns for our shareholders.

Finally, on behalf of the Board, I would like to express my appreciation to all employees, investors and other stakeholders for their dedicated support for the Group. Modern Dental Group is proud to look back on decades of exceptional achievements, while looking ahead to many more years of growth with our shareholders, employees and communities.

Godfrey Ngai
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer