Products & Services

We produce a wide range of high-quality dental prosthetic devices. Our two principal product lines are fixed prosthetic devices and removable prosthetic devices. We also produce other devices such as orthodontic devices, custom-made mouth guards, patient-specific anti-snoring devices and the three-step clear aligner solution (TrioClear™). These devices are custom-made to end-user specifications at our production facilities in China or in one of several strategic international locations.

Modern Dental Group has a global portfolio of respected brands, including Labocast, Permadental and Elysee in Western Europe, Yangzhijing in China, Modern Dental Laboratory in Hong Kong, Modern Dental USA in the United States, and Southern Cross Dental in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

Fixed prosthetic devices

Fixed prosthetic devices are devices that are permanently affixed to an end-user’s mouth. Our fixed prosthetic devices include metal-ceramic crowns and bridges, metal-free crowns and bridges, and metal crowns and bridges. A fixed prosthetic device can be affixed to an end-user’s own dentition (tooth-borne prosthetics) or alternatively affixed to dental implants placed surgically within the end-user’s mouth (implant prosthetics).

Metal-ceramic crowns :

Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges are the most commonly prescribed dental prosthetic devices since the and 1970’s. They consist of a metal frame work for strength and covered in porcelain for aesthetics.

Metal crowns and bridges : Metal crowns and bridges are one of the oldest dental prosthetic devices. The entire product is made of dental alloy, either precious, semi-precious or non-precious alloy. It is often prescribed for cost considerations or for certain specific situations.
Metal-free crowns : Metal-free crowns and bridges generally consist of a zirconia framework and covered in porcelain. Alternatively, the entire product is made of ceramic, zirconia or lithium-disilicate glass ceramic.
Custom Implant :

Custom implant abutments are installed onto dental implants for the support of implant prosthetics. They are Abutment typically made of titanium, ceramics or a combination of both.

Removable prosthetic devices

The removable prosthetic devices are devices that are not affixed to an end-user’s mouth and can be removed as needed.

Removable denture


Removable denture has been a cornerstone of dentistry for centuries to restore missing teeth. A denture is made of dental resins, sometimes reinforced with a metal framework in combination with artificial teeth.

Other devices

Other devices we produce include orthodontic devices, sports guards, anti-snoring devices, raw materials, dental equipment and Invisalign®. We offer a range of orthodontic devices, including aligners, retainers, space maintainers and arch development devices. We offer custom-made mouth guards that are designed to prevent dental injuries. We also manufacture different types of patient-specific anti-snoring devices such as the EMA and Moses device.

Orthodontic devices : Orthodontists require a wide variety of orthodontic devices for different situations. These devices are used to apply a force to align specific teeth, to correct certain deformities or to hold teeth in position after realignment.
Sports guards : A custom-made sports guard provides improved protection to athletes and sportspersons when compared to off-the-shelf varieties. It is made from an impact resistant and shock absorbing material according to the exact dimensions of the user.
Anti-snoring devices :

Anti-snoring devices are a key component in the treatment of obstructive sleep-apnea. They work by holding the lower jaw and tongue forward to provide more space to breath and reduces snoring.

Clear aligners (TrioClear™) :

TrioClear™ aligners are nearly invisible and straighten teeth by using multiple sets of clear aligners which are (TrioClear™) custom-made to gradually move teeth step-by-step to the ideal position.

Retainers (Ecodont™) : Ecodont™ Retainer is a doctor-prescribed, custom manufactured, clear plastic removable orthodontic appliance (TrioClear™) that you will wear after getting your teeth straightened.